Superior Craftsmanship


A Higher Level of Experience provides better Craftsmanship






It is a simple fact:

we strive to be different that the average contractor.


Superior Craftsmanship


Our customers have told us that the system we install far exceeds their expectations of quality. They inform us that every detail is beautifully and proper installed. Every row is aligned, every cap straight, and every valley is uniform in appearance. We know those statements are true because we simply have the most experienced crews in the region. Our setters are so in tune with what “true craftsmanship” means that they ensure that every detail is near perfect. Sure it may take us a little longer, it may cost us a little more, but the end result is a system that looks more like a work of art than a roof. Another method we employ to ensure craftsmanship is that we typically will have at least two, if not three, master setters with each crew; whereas our competition will have only one master setter and several other technicians or laborers. We quickly realized that we could only meet our high standards of quality by having more setters on the crew to ensure that every detail is properly completed. It is a simple fact, we go to the extra lengths to make every installation a near perfect installation.


“True Craftsmanship can only come from Vast Field Experience”

Simply press the numbers below to find out exactly how we are different.


Superior Craftsmanship

Because we have the highest level of experience in the field, all of our workmanship far exceeds industry standards.  



Simply press the numbers to find out exactly how we are different.