Management Principles


Traditional Business Principles



We feel that our success has been based upon following the traditional principles of management and customer service.  


Proven Principles of Business


  • Always Exceed the Customer’s Expectations Every Day
  • Never Compromise on our Craftsmanship
  • Work Safe or Do Not Work at All
  • Provide a Positive Environment for our Employees


Proven Professionals

The company has been successful in assembling a very impressive team of professional managers with proven track records, each highly successful in the roofing industry. The experience and education of our management staff is almost unparalleled. We pride ourselves on having one of the most experienced management staff in the roofing industry. We have discovered that the increased productivity of successful, proven managers more than makes up for the extra cost in securing only the most experienced managers.


Technical Expertise

We pride ourselves on having the most experienced field managers in the industry. Every member of our senior production staff has more than 25 years of experience in the tile industry. Our site superintendents have a minimum of 20 years of experience in managing crews. We employ only the most experienced setters in the industry. We are extremely confident that there is no situation, no condition, which we have not faced before. We have discovered that this level of expertise provides our customers with an extra level of confidence because they can trust in our abilities to handle the most complex of situations.

Quality Work comes from Quality People”


We are completely committed to operating our business in a safe manner. Each member of our management team, from the field superintendent to the CEO, realizes the importance of job site safety. Part of our mission is to create training programs and work practices that provides for the protection of our employees, and customers. Safety is always an important part of each project plan.


“Work Safe or Do Not Work at All”



Personnel Development

In order to continue our high standards of excellence, we are dedicated to keeping, finding and growing the best people in the industry. In order to keep our people the sharpest in the industry we provide regular technical and management training to our personal. It has always been very evident to use that the long-term success of the company is dependent upon the excellence of our employees.I