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We Are a Leader

Over the years, our founder, John Bolton has been recognized for his knowledge and outstanding achievement within the roofing industry on several occasions. We are proud of John’s accomplishments as well as his commitment to excellence and we wanted to share these special recognitions with our customers.


John has been recognized in the Roofing Contractor Magazine with a cover story regarding the weathering of concrete tile roofing in the Midwest. His expertise in the field impressed his priers.



roofing maginze


Other Articles and Recognition


John was also recognized by Professional Remodeler magazine in February of 1999 on “How to Choose Alternate Roofing”.


Professional Remodeler photo


Then in September of 1999, John was also recognized by the Detroit News in the “HomeStyle” section regarding the use of tile roofing to beatify and increase a home’s value.  


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Recognized Industry Leader



Over the years, John Bolton (our founder) has been recognized or featured in several leading roofing industry publications.



Recognized Expertise


John’s expertise is another reason why “Tile Roofing Inc.” is truly set apart from the crowd.



It Takes A lot to be a Leader


The roofing industry is a very competitive market with thousands of contractors all competing for their share of the available work. Typical when someone in the industry is recognized for his efforts or his accomplishments it is truly a special honor.