Most Exerienced Field Management Staff in the Area 

We our fortunate to have one of the most experienced field management staff in the industry.



John Bolton

President and CEO (Founder)


John attended from Northern Michigan University in 1982 and went to work in the automotive industry as a national sales representative. After becoming very successful in that industry, John desired to change his career and become involved in the tile roofing industry. In 1996, John started Concrete Tile Roofing Inc. in Michigan and through his abilities grew the company to become one of the most successful tile installation companies in the Midwestern part of the United States. Due to his accomplishments, in 1988 John was asked by the leading producer of tile roofing systems to study aboard in Germany in order to formally study the art of tile setting from some of the most experienced master tile setter in the world. Then due to a disagreement with his partner John dissolved Concrete Tile Company and started Tile Roofing Inc. in Michigan and after years of successful operations John decided to move from the harsh climate of the Midwest and relocate to the Carolinas. In 1993 John began operations out of Myrtle Beach, SC and Charlotte, NC. Over the years Tile Roofing Inc. has been recognized on several occasions as being one of the nation’s leading tile installation contractors and John himself has been recognized by the roofing industry for his accomplishments. John now has more than 13 years of experience in the tile roofing industry and has successful managed a multi-million dollar corporation that has become the nation’s leading provider of tile and slate roofing services. With a long list of established clients, ranging from hotel chains to celebrity homes, John has established his company as the leader in the tile industry.



Peter Salice (Pete)

Production Manager


Peter has a strong background in the construction industry where he was involved in the construction of both commercial and residential facilities. Peter started in the roofing industry more than 27 years ago where we worked as a superintendent providing on site supervision for multiple tile crews under Archer Roofing. While at Archer Roofing (which is the one of the largest roofers in the country), Pete served as the Vice President of Operations where he headed up all production for the tile division. As Production Manager for Archer Roofing, Pete managed more than 25 tile crews which composed approximately 270 crew members and provided oversight for more than 50 million dollars of tile installations.  Since 1984 he has worked as a project manager with several high volume tile roofing companies in the state of California. In 2005, Peter moved to the North Carolina and began his employment with Tile Roofing Inc. Peter has been with us now for more than 3 years and we are very fortunate to be able to call upon his vast experience. Peter now services as a Production Manager for the company and provides control and oversight to the day to day operations of the tile crews, performs estimating and sales functions as well as provides direct supervision to the different site superintendents.


Dagoberto Trujillo (Dago)

Project Manager

Dago has been setting tile for more than 30 years. Dago worked in the state of Florida for more than 19 years as a tile setter and site superintendent. Following the traditions of his trade, Dago became a master tile setter nearly 20 years ago installing more than a million square of tile and slate products. Then in 2005 we managed to recruit Dago as a Lead superintendent and we are so fortunate to have his expertise in the field. Dago is an expert setter for all types of roofing materials, such as slate, tile, concrete tile and a variety of other steep slope systems. Dago works directly in the field with his superintendents training other setters in the art of setting tile and slate products.  Dago provides regular supervision to our other superintendents, master setters and technicians.