Alliance Services


We Offer our Customers a Complete Line of Roofing Systems




Alliance Services


Over the years we have had many of our customers ask us if we could install any other types of roofing systems. Our customer have expressed to us that they would like to have one single source that could provide them with a wide variety of roof systems installations. Although we have not shifted the focus of our company away from being one of the region’s leading tile roofing installer, we have now made it possible for our customers to call on one contractor for all of their roofing needs.


We have decided to make this offering through an association with another roofing contractor whom is well known in the roofing industry and has a proven track record of performance, and shares our same values as it relates to our three principles of 1) Proven Experience, 2) Superior Craftsmanship, and 3) Excellent Service.


After an exhaustive search, we are now proud to announce our alliance with Carolina Roofing Solutions (CRS) of Fort Mill, South Carolina. Through our standing relationship with CRS we can now offer our customer any type of roofing system they may desire. Although our alliance with CRS is new, we have personally known each others for many years and share a natural admiration for each other’s workmanship and strong traditional business values.


Although Carolina Roofing Solutions has only been in operation for more less than 10 years, the senior management of this company has more than 100 years of combined roofing experience in a variety of different areas. Their Operations Manager, Pat Harty has been in the senior levels of management in the roofing industry for more than 20 years and worked his way up from a crew leader. The President, Greg Griffin has more than 20 years experience in the roofing industry where he started as a project manager and worked his way up in the business. His loyalties with his former customers encouraged him to start his own company and since their opening in 2001 the company has continued to grow and be very successful. CRS is currently licensed to do work in more than 20 states, and although the majority of their work comes from the southeastern region of the United States, they can perform work just about any area.


We are excited about our relationship with CRS, but we are more excited about being able to offer our customer the best of both worlds.


Through our relationship with CRS, we can now offer our customers a full range of different roofing systems from asphalt based systems such as modified bitumen and built up systems, to single ply systems such as EPDM, PVC, TPO and others. In addition, with the ever changing needs of our customers, we can also offer more complex systems such as gardens roof systems, reflective energy savings coating products, as well as solar based roofing systems.


The possibilities are endless.